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Name:The Daily Writer
Website:The Daily Writer @ LJ
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Community description:Community dedicated to encouraging writers to write something every day.
This community was inspired by the [ profile] mini_nanowrimo challenge that occurs every November, in which participants make a commitment to write 100 words per day every day in November. This community will serve as a place to encourage you to write every single day, whether it be 100 words or 1000 words, as long as you get something down on paper.

The community is friendly to all sorts of writing endeavors - fanfic, original fiction, creative nonfiction, school essays, whatever needs to be written, basically.

Please send in any quotes, sites, images, songs, what-have-you so that we can be sure to post something motivating EVERY day. Writing is hard, lonely work. Let's make it a little less so.

*This is a mirror community. The original site is on LJ and was created by [ profile] twasadark
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